1. Young Love is happening. #younglovemedia Elliot holds hands with little Sofie in #chicago

  2. My firstborn and I in Pleasure Point. It’s such a joy to see him grow strong and able. I love his courage. #fatherandson #dads #dadlove #firstborn #pleasurepoint #santacruz #california #liveauthentic @folkmagazine


  3. jimmyaceino:

    I wrote this song a year ago for my wedding (my anniversary is Sunday!) I pulled it out and felt that it was strong enough to put some more elbow grease into. I love the song for obvious reasons but I have some great ideas and think it can really shine. Here’s the basic framework for you to…

  4. Hold Them Close. 

    Watch on Vimeo for full HD. 

    Video for Dani (www.missverse.blogspot.com) (www.missverse.com) and SakuraBloom (www.sakurabloom.com)

  5. I can’t be anything without you. I’d be lost and stupid. Thank you for saying yes my love, my best friend. #happyvalentinesday @missverse

  6. Asher and I. Bonny Doon Beach, Santa Cruz County, CA. October 2013

    (Source: lovesakurabloom)

  7. With Elliot, Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz, CA. Dec 2013

    Photo Credit: Danielle Aceino

  8. Brisk stroll through Natural Bridges State Beach. Dec 8, 2013

  9. Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz, CA. Dec. 2012 

    Photo Credit: Danielle Aceino

  10. stopped by the GGB and felt some love for one another.


  11. Anonymous said: You, your wife and son...you guys are adorable

    Thanks friend!


  12. thepaperclipelf said: Hi Amanda, I'm Kieran from Bumblefuck Illinois. I'm going away to school next year and I've been debating on whether I should do music as my job .I've been playing piano since first grade and I play 6 different instruments now as well as sing. I'd love to go into performance or possibly music education. I've been really scared to, the what ifs of a career in music kind of scare me. What I'm asking is, do you think the risks and the uncertainty is worth a life of music?



    cold fact: there is no path or job you can take in life that doesn’t involve risk and uncertainty.

    if you have the inkling that working in/with music would make you happier than any other job, i’d argue that you’d be happiest coping with the risks and uncertainties associated with working in music instead of dealing with the risks and uncertainties involved in being a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, astronaut, barista, bus driver or whatever other career choices are currently on your list of possibilities.

    many jobs are hard work, but if you love the work, it doesn’t feel like work. if you choose your career path based ONLY on what you think is going to bring you safety and security instead of adding in the factors of what will bring you joy and happiness, chances are high you will wind up living a life of quiet desperation. if you factor your own joy into the decision, chances are also higher you’ll work harder and be a generally more valuable member of this giant chaotic society we call the human race.

    to distill:

    pick your poison, and make sure it’s a poison you really like the taste of. you’re going to be drinking a shit ton of it.

    True. All of this.